That's A Wrap!

And just like that, “Cherry Blossoms” 2023 is over!  Congratulations to NOMer pengpeng and his winning entry Memorial in Pink:

Contest ends in:

The "Cherry Blossom" contest has ended!
The "Cherry Blossom" contest has ended!

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A few factoids about the Cherry Blossom NFTs…

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Contest FAQs

How can I enter the contest?

Just create an NFT using the “Create Contest NFT” button on this page!  Enter as many times as you want.  When the contest is over, the countdown timer at the top of the page will show 0:00:00. Please note that only NFTs created from this page will count as entries – but even NFTs created from the NFT-O-Matic homepage are free and yours to keep forever!

What kinds of images qualify for contest entries?

You may upload any still image— photos, drawings, even a poem! We encourage you to draw inspiration from Cherry Blossoms and the springtime season. NFTs containing content that the NFT-O-Matic team considers explicit, hateful, or otherwise offensive will be disqualified from the contest. Normal site T&Cs apply.

How many entries am I allowed to submit?

As many NFTs as you can create! Every NFT counts as an entry for the challenge, so you can create as many as you’d like to increase your chances of winning.

When is the last day to participate in the contest?

All NFTs must be created before the countdown timer at the top of the page reaches 0:00:00. 

How will the contest winner be chosen?

The winner will be chosen at random from among the qualifying entries. All contest-related decisions will be made in good faith at the discretion of Blockalicious LLC and are final.

When will the winner be announced?

The winner will be announced by email on April 3rd.  All participants will receive a notification, whether or not their NFT won the contest.

What happens after I win?

The creator of the winning NFT will receive an email after the contest closes to coordinate the delivery of a $20 Compass Coffee gift card at Georgetown University’s Main Gates (3700 O St. NW 20057). If you do not respond to the message before 11:59 pm EST on April 2nd, our team may not be able to coordinate delivery and we may be forced to select a different winning NFT.

Do I have to be a student to enter or win?

You don’t have to be a student to participate in this contest! However, in order to claim the $20 Compass Coffee gift card, you must be enrolled as a Georgetown University student.

Is this contest, Blockalicious LLC, NFT-O-Matic or Nfty Pete affiliated with Georgetown University?

No! Some Georgetown students are interning with Blockalicious LLC as part of a GU class, but the business is otherwise completely unaffiliated with GU.

How do I contact the support team?

Just click here to contact us.