Creating an NFT is as easy as 1, 2, 3!  In short, hit the button, pick your image, enter a few details, and boom… NFT!  The process is designed to be simple and quick, but if you would like detailed instructions, read on…

◊  NFT Title: Your brand new NFT needs a name, right? Give your creation a name, which will be displayed as the “Title” of your NFT. Your Title will be visible to other NOMers.

◊  Image Type: What type of image did you use to create the NFT? Was it a photo? A screenshot? A graphic? Select the type that fits best. If no option fits your image, select “Other”.

◊  Image Subject: What is the subject of your NFT? Is it a photo of a friend? A screenshot of your favorite celebrity? A snapshot from a scenic vacation? Select the subject that fits best, or select “Other” if none seem like the right fit.

◊  My Mood Right Now: Your fellow NOMers want to know… what mood were you in when you created this masterpiece?

◊  Vibe/Scene: When looking at your NFT, what vibe do you pick up on? Is it fun? Chill? Chaotic? We want to know how we should feel when looking at your NFT.

◊  Check Out My: What element should we focus on in your NFT? Think about what you are highlighting in your creation. Should your fellow NOMers check out your colorful outfit? Your delicious meal? Your smiling friends?

◊  Where Am I: Sometimes a little context helps us understand the story behind your NFT. Where were you when you took this image? What is the subject doing? What was happening behind the scenes?

◊  Animal Type: If your NFT features an animal, what kind is it? Is it your pet dog or an elephant at the zoo?

◊  Nature Type: If your NFT was taken out in the wild, where were you? Does it show the beaches of Florida? The Rocky Mountains? The Italian countryside?

◊  Outfit: If your NFT showcases your unique style, give us the details on your look. Are you showing off your new earrings, a vintage jacket, or a one-of-a-kind design?

◊  Hair: Sometimes it’s all about the ‘do. Tell us more about your locks, whether it’s a fresh highlight, chic haircut, or wild bedhead.

◊  Detailed NFT Description: Go beyond the title to give a deeper look into your NFT. Feel free to share your inspiration, motivations, thoughts, and feelings behind the creation. Write a few words or a novel, the choice is yours!

When you’re done, hit “Continue…”  Now sit back and let Nfty Pete do his thing!