RockSolid is a revolutionary engine that allows companies to use their current systems (like Salesforce or Dynamics) while still getting the benefits of web3, like NFTs, bitcoin and blockchain.  Most uses of NFTs today involve a great deal of complexity and confusion for consumers and businesses alike.  It seems like you have to learn a whole new language and use new technologies just to get started.  RockSolid’s Enterprise NFT Engine makes NFT creation accessible to the masses.

At Blockalicious, we envision NFTs becoming deeply integrated into the transactions and processes we engage in every day, often without people even knowing an NFT was involved.  That was one reason we created NFT-O-Matic, to show how our RockSolid platform can deliver the power of an NFT without all the jargon and complexity (did we mention that NFT-O-Matic is simple, fun and free?).